Sunday 2 November 2008

That winning feeeling!

Well done Lewis. What a race. And an enjoyable weekend all round.

It has been good weekend for TellyBetting as well:

1) Austin Healey nailed the over 33.5 - easiest bet of the year, thank you Boylesports.

2) Andrew was evicted. Sorry, I didn't post this as I was betting in-running, but it was fairly obvious at the time.

3) Rachel in the bottom two in X Factor - The search stats threw a nice one out there.

A couple of small losers in Alexandra bottom two and Rachel to be evicted, but that's life and the three winners were much bigger bets. I am also trying analyse how I missed Austin's eviction. I think it was a simple running order thing and another example of why you should bet during the show as you can read the 'plot' unfurling. Daniel not being in the bottom two followed a similar pattern to Ruth. I am kicking myself for not laying him on Betfair as I talked about it being a potential pattern a few days ago.

I think both SCD and X Factor will get more difficult to read from here on in. A 'shock' is due next week, possibly Rachel Stevens bottom two in SCD.

PS I have put this blog on as well. Hopefully, I will see you there.

PPS If you have any suggestions to improve analysis or new things to analyse, please leave a note.

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  1. layed Danny partly as a result of your work.

    nice one