Saturday 9 February 2013

Dancing on Ice 2013

There's so much reality TV on of late that it's a challenge to keep up with it all. This year's Dancing On Ice is already well under way. We've already waved goodbye to Pamela Anderson - who came want went so fast her onscreen time she reportedly cost ITV £1000 per minute and is now set up appear in the Dutch version of the show. Luckless Shayne Ward has also been sent packing.

Out of the remaining contestants Beth Tweddle and Matt Lapinskas are short favourites, with Gareth Thomas, Samia Ghadie and Luke Campbell being given outside chances of winning. It will be interesting to see who goes tonight. We could be seeing the departure of one of the show's funnymen, Keith Chegwin and Joe Pasquale.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

England vs Brazil

At we typically concentrate on reality TV betting, but popular television sporting events also grab our attention. Tonight England take on Brazil in a football friendly. You never quite know what you're going to get with England, and from looking at the current odds for tonight's match I'd say that very little has changed in that department. Of course the patriot in me is rooting for England, though it has to be said that Brazil aren't bad odds at 2.42. Still we have a pretty strong team out so that's something worth factoring in.

Here are head to head stats for the last 23 encounters:


Brazil only have friendlies from now until the World Cup, whereas England have one eye on upcoming World Cup qualifiers and avoiding injury.

Saturday 2 February 2013

Splash Final

The odds would have us believe that Eddie The Eagle Edwards is a dead cert in the grand final of ITV's Splash. He's currently 1.16 with Betfair. It would be hard to disagree with this assessment as he has previous form on reality TV shows. Out of the three remaining contestants I'd say that Jake Canuso (9-1) is probably the best diver, but  his excellent dive wasn't enough to make him a favourite with phone voters, meaning that he had to be saved by the panel. A newly bruised and battered Linda Barker, injured during practice, is currently 10-1.

I noticed that the Daily Mail have referred to Eddie as 'Britain's Biggest Loser', when in reality calling him the 'People's champion' would probably be a better way of describing him. Enjoy the show!

Saturday 26 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother Winner: Rylan Clark

Hot favourite Rylan Clark, 24, saw off Heidi & Spencer to win Celebrity Big Brother 2013. Earlier last night Ryan Moloney (of neighbours fame) finished third, followed by Claire Richards of Steps in fourth and Razor Ruddock, fifth. Unfortunately there's a good chance we won't see the winning percentage, as it wasn't released last year.

Odds wise there really wasn't a great deal of surprises this year, aside from Tricia Penrose finding herself as second favourite for a time on account that she was the peacemaker of the group. It's safe to say she didn't pick up as much support from the general public as she did with punters, since she finished in 6th place.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

CBB Odds

There is slight shortneing up on Rylan but realistically there isn't a massive amount of movement in the odds. There has been some negative publicity for Rylan with the news that his contract allowed him time outside of the Big Brother house to rehearse for the X Factor tour, but it doesn't appear to have dented his chances. It certainly hasn't been a year where there have been 3 or 4 housemates that people really like. The emphasis on Heidi and Spencer and us vs them atmosphere in the house appears to have drained the life out of several of those taking part.

Of course with Big Brother there are always surprises, so it's worth tuning in to see who wins. It'll be especially amusing if the final two is Speidi vs Rylan. Not long before we find out now. My money would be on Frankie going tonight, and maybe Claire too.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

CBB Update

It was certainly a tense Big Brother last night with the whole 'letters from home' saga, which there appears to be a variant of each series. In short Claire Richards (of Steps fame) lost the right to read a letter from her partner and children as a result of Heidi and Spencer refusing to carry out a task set by Big Brother. At this point in the show with the finishing line in sight, they steadfastly refuse to get along with anyone else in the house, and that isn't likely to change. The other housemates then refused to read out their own letters from home in protest at the situation. Heidi and Spencer (Speidi) appear to revel in these events, with Rylan struggling to stay away from profanity filled diatribes. 

Odds wise not a great deal is changing. Rylan's price has drifted in and out a fair bit but is still currently 1.5 . It does appear less stable than it has previously been though, which is the only possible cause for concern. Being the loudest voice in opposition to Heidi and Spencer has won him some fans, but if the online forums are anything to go by, it's also turning some people against him. There would 'almost' be a case for supporting Heidi and Spencer if they played this right (since it's turned into an us vs them situation with the entire house), but the bottom line is that they clearly don't care to impress anyone inside or outside of the house. Tricia Penrose has been subject to the biggest odds shift, now firmly installed as second favourite (4.2), mostly on account that she's quite diplomatic even in the face of all of the madness surrounding her.

It's quite quite a strange series all in all, in that many of the housemates you'd think would be making a big impression have been drowned out to the point where it looks like they just can't wait to go home. The likes of Frankie Dettori and Ryan Moloney just look like they can't wait to get out of the house. It definitely looks like the producers are trying their hardest to set up a Rylan vs Heidi and Spencer top two.

Sunday 20 January 2013


I couldn't help but notice that Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards is currently slight odds on favourite to win ITV's Splash. The once British ski jumping record holder actually won the Celebrity Wipeout celebrity special last year, as well as reaching the final of Let's Dance Sports Relief on public votes. As public votes are a factor in Splash, that has to bode well for him.

Splash is a diving themed reality TV show, where Tom Daley acts as a mentor to the celebrities taking part. It's been panned by the media but continues to do well in the ratings and there are even plans for a US version of the show.

CBB Odds Update

Ryan Clark  1.62
Tricia Penrose 7.2
Heidi and Spencer 8.2
Neil Ruddock  13
Frankie Dettori 36
Ryan Moloney 55
Claire Richards70

Current Betfair odds for the remaining Celebrity Big Brother 2013 housemates. Ryan has started to drift out a little with the other big change being the shortening up of Tricia Penrose' odds.

Friday 18 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013

Have you all been tuning into CBB 2013? I was actually a little disappointed when Jim Davidson had to pull out of the show at the last minute. If his previous reality TV appearances are anything to go by, he was bound to, for better or worse, make an impact on the show.

The betting odds would have you believe that the series is already over. Rylan Clark is a super short 1.31 with betfair at the time of writing. Neil Ruddock is second favorite at 9.4 with all of the other housemates 18-1 or more. It's hard to argue with Rylan's position as favourite. He proved himself by taking all of the 'joke act' comments on the chin in X Factor and rising above it with his own unique brand of humour. Although he has the occasional meltdown he generally seems to be pretty sensible and has a good heart. Despite being a very different personality altogether Razor Ruddock has those attributes too, which goes some way to explaining his popularity.

Americans and reality TV veterans Heidi and Spencer are given half a hope if the odds are to be believed. They're in the 'love to hate' category right now though, and in my view are likely to remain there. Even if the public do warm to them, will it be enough for them to win the show? Right now I don't think so. If you're looking for an outsider with a chance, I'd go with Frankie Dettori at 30-1 with bookmakers and up to 50-1 on betfair.