Friday 28 November 2008

Is the X Factor a number? - 4

Sorry, I have not posted on this particular topic in a while. There is a lot of TV betting at the moment and I simply don't have enough time to research this area. I plan to finish this off during a quiet betting time and run the formula through past series results to perfect it.

Regional Voting (RV) is a difficult one to quantify. Certain regions, those with a real or perceived strong regional identity can vote en bloc to support their own.

Northern Ireland residents in particular, are quick to pick up the phones. The current darling is Eoghan Quigg, who despite being utterly terrible, is proving popular. Leon Jackson would not have won last years X Factor if he was from England. There are many other examples.

X Factor is shown in the Republic of Ireland as well which is worth knowing.

So how to analyse this. To start, I propose that if the contestant is from:

Northern Ireland - multiply final X Factor number by 1.3
Scotland - multiply by 1.4
Wales - multply by 1.1
English areas with a strong regional accent - multiply by 1.05

These numbers will probably change with analysis.

Previous Voting Numbers (PV) - We would love these numbers. Hopefully at the end of the current series we will get them released. We will have to manage without for the moment.

More on this topic soon.

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