Sunday 9 November 2008

Interesting results

That's why I love TV betting, the unpredictability. Laura was a big shock to go at the time, although on reflection her performance was very poor. A lot of the contestants were very weak, especially Rachel who was probably saved by her mauling from the judges. Daniel, JLS and Eoghan were the only ones who were any good in my opinion.

Strictly Come Dancing was less surprising. Heather finally got put out of her misery losing to Rachel in a dance-off - confirming my view that Rachel isn't very popular. I suspect next week will be Operation Get John Out, we shall see.

Not too bad a weekend for myself. X Factor was poor, neither Rachel or Alexandra made the bottom two netting two losers there. However, JLS looked good and confirmed my belief they will make the final. I suspect Eoghan's internet traffic may rise in the next few weeks - we will spot it here first.

However, the two big bets of the weekend were better. Heather to get over 26.5 scraped in (Boylesports moved the line to over 27.5 later on friday - do they read TellyBetting?) with a 27, but hey, they all count.

Rachel Stevens to be bottom two was also a big winner. I had some 8/1 earlier in the week (see below) and some 20/1 last night as a top-up.

Finally, Jodie Kidd. She was terrible last night. I don't know what happened. The fact she was not in the final two having danced second and scored so lowly suggests she may be quite popular after all. Maybe, it will be a good bet after all - although I will probably trade out of it on Betfair in a week or so.

Hope you did well. I am aware I have not been analysing past results enough in order to predict the markets better, I will get onto it this week.

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  1. got some Laura to be eliminated at 34

    thought she had just as much chance of being bottom two as Ruth

    and from that point your in the hands of the judges.

    Big question now is can Daniel survive another week. If we assume Eoghan, JLS and Diana are safe it's between Danny, Ruth, Rachel and Alexandra for bottom two.

    Guess it could be worth laying his elimination if he has good position with respect to Ruth, Rachel and Alexandra.