Tuesday 18 November 2008

Tom Chambers to win Strictly Come Dancing

I haven't checked the Yahoo Strictly Polls in a while. People were not voting much and so I thought it wasn't worth looking at.

Tonight I did, and boy things are changing. The graph below shows a snapshot of votes on certain dates. I do realise there is a big gap in the last two dates but the key thing is Tom Chambers gradient. He was a nonentity at the start but has accelerated to third top and if you extrapolate the gradient he will go higher still. This is a series winning trend in my opinion.

I think chinless Tom is the best all round dancer in the competition but I was concerned about his popularity. This allays those fears. He now has the hallmark of a winner.

John Sergeant is of course top and running away but he will probably get eliminated during the semi stage with some cheeky vote-rigging by the judges - Anyway, I have him onside massively and advised you to do the same a few weeks ago. I have also closed out of my Jodie bet with a very small loss (£2).

I am excited about this although I am annoyed I closed out of my early bet on him. I was fiddling for no reason.

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