Friday 14 November 2008

Operation 'Get John Out'

I theorised last Sunday that this week would be 'Operation Get John Out.' Looking at the apparent running order, I am right:

  • John & Kristina — American Smooth
  • Tom & Camilla — Salsa
  • Christine & Matthew — Waltz
  • Lisa & Brendan — Samba
  • Austin & Erin — Tango
  • Cherie & James — Cha-cha-cha
  • Jodie & Ian — Quickstep
  • Rachel & Vincent - Rumba
The interesting thing here is the thought that if this is a subtle and concerted effort to get John out, are the other weaker contestants phone-vote wise going last? Rachel being in the last two suggests it might be. If so, this order reveals a lot. If Christine isn't bottom two, we can deduce she is very popular. Jodie and Rachel to go would be the bets (pending running order) for the next week or two.

However, if John is very popular and gets loads of votes Tom could be the bet for botttom two. The Google Trends graph at the top backs this up - click on it for a better look. Remember, this is Bottom Two not To Go (the judges will keep Tom over virtually anyone). The running order may also change, so don't bet the house!

Please leave your thoughts. I am very interested to hear them.

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