Saturday 26 August 2017

Mayweather vs McGregor: Final Thoughts - Sun 27th August

I have discussed the Mayweather vs McGregor fight previously, and while most of what I say still stands, a couple of noteworthy change have emerged. The gloves the fighters will be wearing have been changed from 10oz to 8oz, which in theory benefits McGregor, since these are now closer to replicating UFC gloves. This has seen McGregor's odds of pulling off a victory drop down to just under 4-1 from 6-1 (and Mayweather 1-4 down from 1-7) so it's clearly given punters pause for thought. At the weigh in Mayweather tipped the scales at 149.5lbs, surprising some, to McGregor's 153lbs yesterday and so that's a possible advantage too, as well as the fact that Mayweather is coming out of retirement. Is his heart still in it? Find out at 5am!

McGregor looks pumped for the fight, but reality often bites, and Mayweather has a faultless boxing career behind him, so it's hard to beyond a Mayweather win. If it's an easy win, it may be that these UFC vs Boxing match ups become a thing of the past, which probably isn't a bad thing. Realistically any world class boxer should be able to put away a UFC fighter is the boxing ring, and any world class UFC fighter would likely do the same in the Octagon. Some cynics see the theatrics of the run up and wonder if it will extend to the ring and result, with a controversial or unusual result and a huge money rematch on the cards. Let's hope nothing of that nature occurs though, since boxing doesn't have the best reputation as it is!

Other sports...

Our women's national sports teams have been really putting the men to shame of late, and there's no better example right now than the England women's rugby team. They have brute forced their way through to what could be a compelling final against New Zealand tonight at 19:45. England are 5/6 and New Zealand 6/5 so really there is nothing to seperate them. I can't confess to being an expert on women's rugby, so I'm just be cheering on our girls. Let's have a bit of good news this Saturday!

Wednesday 2 August 2017

Netherlands vs England - Women's European Championship

I'd long since giving up on the men's England football team achieving anything of note and so it makes a change to once again be able to get excited about England's internationals, via support of our women's team in the UEFA Women's 2017 Euros. They've put up a stellar performance so far, undefeated in their group through wins against Spain, Scotland and Portugal (though the latter performance was their weakest), then a 1-0 win against France in the quarter finals. Next up they take on a tough Netherlands side.

The Netherlands, like England, were undefeated during the group stages and swept Sweden aside in a 2-0 win in the quarter finals. This certainly sets up an intriguing semi final match up. Some would argue that the Netherlands receive a boost due to being hosts of the tournament and Karen Bardsley out with a leg fracture. Just look at the England goal tally though and the performances of the likes of Jodie Taylor and Toni Duggan.

In many ways the teams are very evenly matched, and the odds certainly suggest this with England at 11/8 to win, Netherlands 2-1 and the draw 2-1. From a betting point of view the jury is very much out but I'm confident the England girls can put away a couple of goals even against this standard of team. I'm not usually one for a patriotic punt, but I'd love our girls to make it through to the final (and then to lift the trophy) so for once I can't bring myself to look too far elsewhere!

With Germany out of the competition (amazingly they had won the previous six consecutive Euros Titles) via an early exit, there is huge opportunity ahead for England if they can make it past the Netherlands. Austia barely made it past Spain in the quarter finals - while England dispatched of Spain handily in the group stage - and although Denmark beat Germany in their quarter final match, they weren't exactly a goal scoring force in their group and in fact lost to the Netherlands. It's England's for the taking!

Netherlands vs England is on Channel 4 at 19:45, 3rd August.

Suggested Bets: 

England women to win -  13/10
England women to score both halves - 7/2