Wednesday 17 August 2016

Rio 2016

What an Olympics it's been so far. My highlight has to be the fairytale ending of the pole vault competition. How Thiago Braz da Silva pulled that one out of the bag I will never know. Great for Brazil too as they're not exactly brimming over with track and field stars. I must say though, that I did feel bad for silver medallist Renaud Lavillenie getting booed. That behaviour falls well outside of what you'd expect and hope for and goes completely against the spirit of the olympic games.

To be honest I've not even had a bet these olympics. I have just been enjoying taking as much of it in as I can. There are some fairly heavily odds ons anyway (Bolt at 1/14 to win the 200 meter final) so not, on the surface of it, a miriad of decent odds betting opportunities.

Of the remaining events, I'm most looking forward to seeing Mo Farrow run again. His gutsy performance after taking a fall in the 10,000m, should give him a bit of confidence going into the 5,000m, especially if he can stay on his feet this time around! I'll be cheering him on! For those thinking of having a bet on the race, he's currently 1/5, with Abrar Osman at 12-1 alongside Caleb Ndiku. Muktar Edris is 13-1.