Wednesday 12 June 2019

Go for a ride with the 5 best horse racing slot games

And they’re off!’

We used to think nothing could get our hearts pumping faster than hearing these three words from right beside the track. Then we started playing horse racing-themed slot games online, and we realised it’s possible to enjoy the thrill of a day at the races without even leaving the house.

You’ll find hundreds of awesome racing slots to choose from these days. Our favourites include NetEnt’s Scudamore’s Super Stakes, IGT’S Champion Raceway and Playtech’s Ascot: Sporting Legends. All showcase symbols based around famous jockeys, winning thoroughbreds and gleaming trophies, as well as super-fast spin speeds and awesome bonus features to help boost give your payouts a boost.

Excited to find out more? Check out the guide below. Put together with the help of the experts from Bgo online casino, it details the 5 top racing slot games available right now. You can play them all on your PC whilst chilling at home, or on your smartphone when out and about. Have fun, and we wish you the best of luck.

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Britains Got Talent Top Acts Past & Present

If you’re yet to watch the most recent series of Britain’s Got Talent, look away now! As well as looking at the 2019 series winner, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the top acts from the show over the years.

Colin Thackery - There is only one place to begin, and this is with the most recent winner of Britain’s Got Talent. This is, of course, Colin Thackery. It wasn’t much of a surprise that the 89-year-old won, considering the audience was chanting his name during the tense final. After serving for the Queen in the Royal Artillery for 25 years, could there be a more fitting person to take part in the Royal Variety Performance? His take on Love Changes Everything captured the nation, and no matter how many years Britain’s Got Talent continues, Colin is bound to remain as a firm fan favourite.  

Paul Potts - From the most recent winner to the very first winner of the hit ITV show; Paul Potts was a mobile phone salesman when he entered the talent competition. Since then, he has released seven albums. His first album, One Chance, topped the charts in nine countries around the gold and went double Platinum. The opera singer has also reportedly bagged £5 million since winning the show. And, of course, who can forget film biopic of Potts’ life? The film featured Julie Walters with James Corden playing Potts himself. It took more than $10 million at the Box Office! In fact, Britain’s’ got talent is one big money-making machine with lucrative sponsorship deals & now even has its own online casino brand in bgt games. Not bad for an old-fashioned talent show.

Attraction - Now, let’s move onto the first foreign act to ever win the show! Attraction is a Hungarian shadow theatre act. Their unique act mesmerised viewers, and since then the act has had a lot of success. Not only have they fronted a TV advertising campaign for insurance, but they have performed in Las Vegas as well. They also featured in America’s Got Talent: The Champions, which took place this year, featuring winners from all over the world. They just missed out on a place in the final, finishing second in the superfan vote. However, Shin Lim, a magician, took the crown. The Canadian-American magician of Han Chinese Heritage had won the 13th season of the competition in America.

Susan Boyle - How can we possibly talk about Britain’s Got Talent without mentioning Susan Boyle? In a big bookie upset, Boyle missed out on the prize, coming second to dance troupe Diversity. A record 17.3 million viewers watched the final. Of course, both acts have gone on to have massive success since the show. Susan Boyle also featured in America’s Got Talent: The Champions, with herself and Paul Potts being the only two acts from the UK show to make the top 12. However, she’s achieved way more than being a top 12 talent show finisher, that’s for sure! She toured the UK and US in 2013-2014. She’s won numerous awards, as well as being nominated for a number of Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards. She was also honoured for her contribution to the creative industries in 2012, receiving an honourary doctorate from the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Lorraine Brown - Now, this name may seem a bit unfamiliar. However, if we say the lady singing with her ironing board, you will probably know who we’re talking about. No, we’re not including this act in the list for her amazing talent or worldwide success. We’ve included Lorraine to give a nod to David Williams and his golden buzzer selections. Is there anything better than seeing the dismay on Simon Cowell’s face when David strikes again? Of course, Lorraine was not the only controversial decision. The comedian pressed the golden buzzer with his foot for Ian and Anne Marshall’s cover of Crazy In Love.

Ashleigh and Pudsey - Much to the delight of Simon Cowell, a dog act won the show in 2012. Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey have remained popular since the show. They have been involved in a number of theatre productions, pantomimes, and a TV adaptation of the book Mr. Stink, which also featured Hugh Bonneville. The pair also journeyed to the United States where they appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and performed on America’s Got Talent.

So there you have it: some of the best acts, both past and present, from Britain’s Got Talent. Who’s your all-time favourite from the popular ITV show?

Monday 3 June 2019

Britain's Got Talent 2019 Voting Figures

Semi Final 1

Dave & Finn - 29.2%
Flakefleet Primary School - 25.6%
The Haunting - 13.4%
Rosie & Adam - 12.4%
Khronos Girls - 6.8%
Tony Rudd - 5.6%
Akshat Singh - 3.6%
Brian Gilligan - 3.4%

Semi Final 2

4MG - 28.2%
Siobhan Phillips - 15.9%
Matt Stirling - 14.9%
Faith Tucker - 11.3%
Giorgia Borg - 11.3%
Vardanyan Brothers - 8.9%
State of the Fart - 5.5%
The Queen - 4.0%

Semi Final 3

Colin Thackery - 29.1%
Kojo Anim - 23.9%
John Archer - 19.0%
Chapter 13 - 16.6%
Angels Inc. - 4.2%
Rob King - 3.3%
Gomonov Knife Show - 2.6%
KNE - 1.3%

Semi Final 4

Ben Hart - 28.6%
Mark McMullan - 25.4%
Graeme Mathews - 12.5%
Kerr James - 11.3%
Lil Icons - 9.3%
Duo A&J - 6.6%
Jimmy Tamley - 5.7%
Ursula Burns - 0.6%

Semi Final 5

X - 27.4%
Jonathan Goodwin - 22.0%
Libby & Charlie - 17.0%
Barbara Nice - 14.1%
Leanne Mya - 8.7%
Gonzo - 7.4%
Jacob Jones - 2.3%
Fabulous Sisters - 1.1%


Colin Thackery - 25.3%
X - 17.8%
Ben Hart - 10.2%
Kojo Anim - 9.6%
Dave & Finn - 9.1%
Flakefleet Primary School - 8.8%
Mark McMullan - 4.6%
Jonathan Goodwin - 4.4%
Siobhan Phillips - 4.0%
Libby & Charlie - 3.9%
4MG - 2.3%