Monday 6 June 2022

Britain's Got Talent 2022 - Voting Percentages

For those of you watching the BGT final this year, you may, like me, have been surprised to see the level of talent on display. I'm not typically all that into the programme to be honest, but found this year's finalists to be a professional and plucky bunch all giving it their all across the board. It was certainly a hard one to call, and sometimes the running order factors in to an extent, but in any case here are the voting percentage results for the final. Well done to :

The Final
Axel Blake - 19.7%
Jamie Leahey - 14.7%
Tom Ball - 14.2%
Maxwell Thorpe - 14.0%
Eva Abley - 8.4%
Flintz and T4ylor - 8.3%
Aneeshwar Kunchala - 6.0%
Ben Nickless - 5.7%
Loren Allred - 3.3%
Amber and the Dancing Collies - 3.2%
Five Star Boys - 2.5% 

Many congratulations to worthy winner Axel Blake, and a shout out to the super talented Jamie Leahey too, as he surely has a very bright future!