Monday 24 November 2008

Weekend Review

Quick post as late for work. A good weekend for Strictly Betting with three of four of the line bets coming in. The Strictly judges have been very poor this year in my opinion with marked inconsistencies. Tom is the best dancer by a mile but they are trying to engineer a close competition.

John Sergeant did not dance on Saturday and I was worried when Betfair settled my bets as losers. However, I emailed them beforehand to clarify what would happen if he didn't dance as the reply said his bets would be voided. I emailed them about the losing bets and they refunded the bets I still have them down as losers. If you lost money on him - complain, their wording was confusing and inaccurate.

The whole market should have been voided when he withdrew and restarted afterwards.

However, I can't complain as SCD is the number one betting show in my opinion.

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