Tuesday 11 November 2008

Is the X Factor a number? - 2

This is going to be tricky for a number of reasons, the main being how to quantify subjective opinions?

Certain topics are going to produce baseline numbers to add and subtract and others are going to be multipliers. I would also love to include a square root and a pi sign as it will look much better!

I will also try to put the finished equation into an online form so you can enter your own values and work out the contestant X Factor in your opinion.

The number I am trying to get will produce a weekly result, not finding out who will win the series - helping eviction betting (the best and most profitable). The higher the number, the higher the predicted phone votes.

Judge Input (JI) - This very important as it sways people at home how to vote. Viewers are easily persuaded that what they heard was 'world class.' The number will be between 1 and 10.

Exceptional - 10
Very Positive - 8
Positive - 6
Neutral - 4
Poor - 3
Very Poor - 5
Savaged - 7
(Judges Argue - Add 1 to your overall impression of JI)

Note the bimodal distribution of points awarded. We all know a beasting attracts the votes.

Internet Traffic (IT) - Youtube or Google? I don't know. I like Google Trends as a lot of people search Youtube on Google as well. You may disagree. They are both good. The top result will have a number of one, the others less than one as a proportion of the top figure.

IT =Most recent Google Trend Number x 20

Two down, many more to go.

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