Tuesday 5 December 2023

Have you watched Louis Theroux: Gambling In Las Vegas?

 Even though it dates back to 2007, that episode stuck in my mind for many reasons. It was a surreal experience to see a selection of gamblers basically lose their cash. In fact, ironically, the only person who seemed to win was Louis Theroux. I’m sure you can remember Alan the Canadian high-roller and multi millionaire ‘The Mattress Man’ who couldn’t lose his money fast enough, at one point playing two high-limit slots at the same time. The man who sold mattresses for a living said: ‘I think in a lifetime, everyone’s a loser.’

Without doubt, The Mattress Man was a bit of a loser. A Whale, as they call big gamblers, and by the end of the program he was feeling blue. In fact, there are online articles which suggest he went through his cash and now a taxi driver.

But what are high-limit slots?

For those, like myself, who have no idea what limit is a high limit. I’m having flashbacks to Louis chatting with Dr Martha Ogman, a retired dentist who lost millions on the slots. She seemed to think it was humorous spending her son’s inheritance and spoke in glowing terms about the casino who paid for her husband’s funeral and wake.

I needed to investigate high-limit slots and learn more.

I headed straight to the YouTube channel Raja Slots, who have 63.4K subscribers. The video titled: $5,000 Spins! Must See High Limit Slots (Over 15 Jackpots). Those words were printed in caps lock but it was too heavy on the eyes.

The video has 251K views.

If you ever wanted to know how long it takes to lose $250,000 then the video lasts 24:09. I’m not sure who the gentleman is playing the slot but his accent has a southern drawl which reminds me of a character from the Simpson’s cartoon. I can’t remember the name. [Moe from Moe’s Tavern.]

I couldn’t help but imagine one of Moe Szylak’s most relatable quotes: ‘Hey Homer. I could hear your pathetic rationalizing through the door.’

The slot was at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas.

The man playing, let’s call him Moe, seemed emotionless and relaxed about gambling such a vast sum of money [$250,000]. It was clearly a stunt to get people watching the video. I questioned if it was real. I couldn’t help but wonder where the money had come from. Whose pocket? The whole situation seemed surreal. In a world where children are starving to death it made for an uneasy watch. I thought, thank the Lord that’s not my money tripping the light fantastic. I had vision of Hunter Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

Didn’t he blow his brains out?’

The man showed a number of $50,000 vouchers which he pushed into the slot to give credits. He started off at a $1,000 a spin to ‘warm it up a little’. Then after ten spins he started on the big money a $5,000 a spin.

Looking at the YouTube transcript it was ‘50 spins at $5,000 a spin’.

Playing the Black Widow slot.

The money went down much too fast and by the time the $250,000 had been spent the total ‘winnings’ were about $49,000. So, a loss of $201,000 in just under 25-minutes. The biggest of the ‘15 Jackpots!!!!’ was $15,750.

I loved the way a Jackpot was quickly sent to Snapchat. Social media is clearly king in the world of slots.

Another win of $15,250.

Another win of $10,500.

A few smaller wins.

I was left thinking what really is it all about.

In truth, this was probably a fraction of the money lost by the Mattress Man or Dr Martha Ogman.

It’s only money, hey.

Unless you are betting with a skill based knowledge rather than fixed odds you are guaranteed to lose. Gambling needs to be questioned when you bet $250,000 for fun, entertainment or the glorification of the spin of a reel.

I remember Louis Theroux being in a lift with a couple heading back to their room after a night at the casino.

He asked: ‘How did you get on?’

Reply: ‘I lost twenty!’

Therous: ‘Twenty dollars?’

‘No, twenty thousand.’

I’m sure every casino goer left the casino to the soundtrack of Kenny Roger’s ringing in their ears.

The Gambler.

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Frankie Dettori Magic Seven Video Slot by Playtech


Frankie Dettori, a famous Italian jockey in the UK horse racing scene, inspired Playtech to create Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven Slot. This horse racing-themed game has 5 reels and 25 paylines, featuring bonus rounds that allow players to relive Dettori's memorable victories. With a maximum bet of 1250.00 per spin, this game caters to high rollers seeking a chance to win big with a maximum payout of 7777x their bet.

Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven Slot Bonus Features and Free Spins

Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven has two bonus rounds that add excitement to the game. The Free Games Race is the first bonus round, triggered by landing three magic seven symbols anywhere on the reels.

Players then choose one of three horses and the horse's finishing position determines the number of free spins awarded. If the chosen horse wins the race, the player receives 35 free spins, while a last-place finish only awards 10 free spins.

The second bonus feature is the Mega Seven Bonus, activated by landing the racecourse symbol on reels 1 and 5. Players are taken to a racetrack with 20 sections and must choose a section to reveal a prize. Some sections offer cash prizes, while others increase the overall multiplier. Players must avoid the "collect" section, as it ends the Magic Sevens round.


Franki Dettori Magic Seven slot is one of the older slots from Playtech but it is still very popular among online casino players.

While not every player may enjoy horse racing themes, Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven offers a variety of bonus features that cater to players who enjoy such themes. With a maximum win of 150,000 coins and 35 free spins up for grabs, this game is worth a try for those who can handle the variance.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Horse Trainer: Understanding John Gosden, Training Juveniles (2yo)

John Gosden OBE, is a British horse trainer, with over 3,000 winners worldwide. Training at Clarehaven Stables Newmarket, England. He was won prestigious races including the Breeders’ Cup Classic, Epsom Derby, Arc de Triomphe, King George and Eclipse.

The son of John ‘Towser’ Gosden, he started his training career assisting Vincent O’Brien and Sir Noel Murless, in Ireland.

In 1979, he moved to California to become an assistant trainer to Tommy Doyle, before attaining his own licence. Originally, training just three horses, renting individual boxes as he couldn’t afford a yard.

John Gosden is one of the most respected horse trainers and a great communicator.

After studying his two-year-old runners for the last decade, here are my findings.

Over the period of study. Gosden achieved a debut strike rate of 15%. In fact, over 50% of all debutantes have been priced 13/2 and less sp (starting price). Debutantes can win up to 25/1. Percentage wise, he has few first time out winners early season. Surprisingly, 80% of his racehorses win on debut from July – October. Other pointers for betting on horses making their racecourse bow:

  • Odds on shots very difficult to beat. Generally, a sign of a high-class juvenile who will be racing at Group class.

  • Best betting guide on debut 13/2 and less sp.

  • Even horses on debut at speculative odds feature value.

Two year old horses making their second starts Gosden, generally, win at more restricted odds. For example, the number of horses winning at double-figure odds second time out is limited.

Other statistics worth noting for two-year-old horses include:

Now training in partnership with his son Thady, the team have a number of courses where their juveniles excel featuring impressive strike rates.

Newcastle (39%), Yarmouth (34%), Chelmsford (31%) and Leicester (30%) are just a few courses to appreciate with two year olds horses on all starts.

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Thursday 28 September 2023

Bobby George Sporting Legends Slot by Playtech


Bobby George, an online slot game created by Playtech, is part of the Sporting Legends series and features 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines. The game boasts exciting features such as free spins with game modifiers, wilds, and scatters, with an RTP of 95.49%.

The game is based on the popular sport of darts and centres around the character of Bobby George - an English professional darts player turned TV personality, known for his flamboyant entrances as the King of Darts.

The game's theme is dedicated to this sporting icon and features 3D images of the darts legend. The reels showcase standard playing card symbols, as well as thematic icons such as Bobby George playing darts, a candelabra similar to the one he held during his showpiece entrances, a bracelet, and of course, darts.

Bobby George Bonus Features

Bobby George himself is the wild symbol in the game and can appear on any reel. Landing 3-5 of his symbols in a combination can reward you with up to 3x your stake, in addition to substituting for other symbols to help create matches.

The game also includes a Wild Darts random feature, which can reward you with 10 darts turning into wilds on your reels.

The scatter symbol in the game is represented by dartboards, and landing 3 or more of them triggers the free spins bonus. These symbols can also offer instant wins of up to 50x your stake. The free spins round begins with 6 free spins, and 3 darts are thrown to choose the modifiers that will become active during the free spins.


In conclusion, the Bobby George Sporting Legends slot by Playtech is a fantastic tribute to the legendary darts player. The game's special features, such as the progressive jackpot and the bonus round, add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, giving players the chance to win big while playing.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

Who is the youngest player to ever make their debut for the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks?

In the rich history of the New Zealand national rugby team, the All Blacks, one name shines brightly as the youngest player ever to make their debut: Jonah Lomu. At a tender age of 19 years and 45 days, Lomu donned the All Blacks jersey for the first time on 26 June 1994, facing off against France. Little did the world know that this young prodigy would go on to leave an indelible mark on the sport and etch his name in the annals of rugby greatness.

Born in Tonga in 1975, Lomu's journey to rugby stardom began when he and his family relocated to New Zealand at the age of 10. His exceptional talents on the rugby field quickly became evident, earning him a spot in the New Zealand under-19 team in 1993, followed by selection for the under-21 team in 1994.

Lomu's debut for the All Blacks against France in 1994 was nothing short of remarkable. Displaying a blend of power and speed, he scored two awe-inspiring tries, propelling the All Blacks to a resounding 22-8 victory. The world took notice, and Lomu's name echoed through stadiums as he became an overnight sensation. His meteoric rise was further acknowledged when he was crowned the International Rugby Board's Player of the Year in 1995.

Over the next eight years, Lomu continued to astound audiences with his prowess on the rugby field. He represented the All Blacks in two Rugby World Cups, contributing to their

historic triumph in 1995. Lomu's impact transcended mere statistics; his immense physicality and unrivalled speed forever changed the way the game was played.