Thursday 13 November 2008

Web Traffic Update

Interesting shifts in the Youtube upload chart this week.

Blue represents the uploads per artist last week, red for this week. Firstly, the huge press coverage seems to have given the competition a big shot in the arm as all uploads are up massively.

The ones that stand out are Ruth and also to a lesser extent, Eoghan. Ruth has had a massive surge in upoads in the last week. I realise some will be due to the sing-off but any exposure is good exposure in my opinion. Bar the girlbands, the bottom two have flitted around a bit (probably due to running order) and I suspect it will continue this week.

Again, Alexandra is not a finalist going on Web Traffic alone.

How to bet then? Firstly, I will probably lay Ruth to go this week on Betfair (assuming she will get a later slot). I will have a bet on Ruth to win it at 28's also on Betfair - the Google Trends graph above also shows massively increased interest. I will also reduce liability on JLS netting a tasty 25% profit but keeping some powder dry.

Finally, Alexandra for bottom two is going to come in this week.

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