Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Eurovision 2021 Results


Above I've highlighted the top 12 finishing performances of the 2021 Eurovision. I'm omitted the bottom half of the results on account its the less interesting end of the table (and not because the UK gained a big fat zero points from both the judges and the public - I promise!).

The Eurovision format as an exciting as ever, with the final place order shifting wildly as the general publics votes are reeled off. The winner was not an unsurprising choice considering the betting odds, and I must say I more watched it out of curiosity and enjoyment this year rather than getting involved in that regard.

There were some suitably zany and unique acts as there are every year ( I was quite taken by the camp yet dark disco track Discoteque from Lithuania, which did well with the tele vote). Some sweet tracks too (the entry from Switzerland for example). The winner wasn't entirely unsurprising as indeed shows that 'rock isn't dead. I certainly preferred it to the French entry. If you skipped the show due to the cheese factor, give it a watch next year. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. 

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Classic Tommo Moment

A classic moment captured on film from the one and only Derek Thompson