Sunday 21 December 2008

Strictly Come Dancing: Tomcat Gets The Cream!

TellyBetting strikes again! A few weeks ago in this post, TellyBetting plumped for Tom. The odds were about 6-1 at the time. I will hold my hands up and admit to laying off some profit when the polls closed before taking a big position on Betfair when Tom made the final.

The last dance was brilliant and Tom deserved the title in the end despite the somewhat inconsistent judging.

This series has a been a seriously good one for betting on and I will miss it while it's gone. I find it easy to read and I know many others do as well. I would love to see line betting next year on Betfair, but I doubt it will happen. The key early point for next year is to realise the judges have the power to clear the deadwood early on - no more John Sergeant's will happen next year.

I plan on requesting the voting figures from the BBC for Strictly if they don't release them - a Freedom Of Infomation Act request should do it. We can digest the results on this site at our leisure! I want the results from all the series!

Enjoy your winnings and roll on Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing On Ice!

I would also like some advice from any American Idol experts - I haven't watched it much but I realise this site should cover it.

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