Sunday 7 December 2008

Weekend Review

At last, I almost feel relieved!

A losing week. Lisa obliged but Austin didn't, so I registered a small loss there. This was compounded by my side bet on Tom going out being a loser.

I now feel cathartic!

This blog is fairly new and has got off to a very strong start results wise (I will tally up the overall results in the next few weeks). I am naturally very proud of this and this was probably causing me to close down decent positions on Betfair too early to lock in some profit. I will try to be braver from now on and not tinker!

An early thought for next week. Rachel to get highest score/overs on line betting in the Argentinian Tango. She did well in the normal Tango and with 'Vinthent' an expert in this, she will probably get 40. A bit of dusky eye shadow, a red dress and Vincent leading (a huge and often understated advantage) make this a bet I am confident on (unless the line is 39).


  1. Great work here Gus. What's your reading of this week's semifinal in SCD? Do you think Tom's gonna get stitched up?

  2. It is a worry. Why risk it? It is obvious Craig and Len don't like him.

    If Lisa nails a 40 and say a 38 and Rachel gets two 40's, Tom would be in a dance off and in BIG trouble against a 40 dance.

    If Tom makes the final he will win in my opinion. I am probably sitting out this weekend then going in large on Tom in the public only vote for the final. It is the sensible thing to do.