Wednesday 10 December 2008


T minus 3 days! The GMTV X Factor Poll is showing an interesting result as you can see left (I know we don't have the actual numbers). I think this shows that Alexandra and JLS have some real momentum behind them now. Although I suspect the voting demographics are older than other polls, I personally think Eoghan is running out of steam.

The headlines about JLS's concert causing mayhem are interesting and it points to them overcoming the biggest obstacle of groups - getting your personality across before you are knocked out. Groups can come across as a shouty mess - see Bad Lashes, Girlband etc. Little Aston is also proving to be very popular and is probably taking a lot of Eoghan's cute teen vote.

Does this mean Eoghan is next out? A lot depends on the shows edit and also on the Irish regional vote. As for Alexandra, I am still not convinced? We shall see very soon.

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