Monday 1 December 2008

Weekend Review: Austin Healey obliges

Austin Healey (pictured) and Erin obliged with the Foxtrot. Tom came good with the Samba but the Waltz was a let down. Two out of three big bets ain't bad though and rendered a nice profit.

I am very annoyed with myself for not taking the over 4.5 10's at Boylesports. As soon as I saw it, I made a note to back it at 10-11 but plain forgot about it. A stupid, stupid mistake.

My original draft for this weeks predictions was just to back all overs with Boylesports on the line betting. That would have realised a handsome profit this week. Over analysis can sometimes cost me money, and this was a case of not backing my gut instincts doing just that. The analytical route is the one I have taken though, and is probably why you are reading TellyBetting as well.

I was very busy this weekend, so couldn't give my full attention to X Factor, I backed Ruth with a small amount to go as soon as I saw her first performance but at terrible odds as they drifted markedly straight away afterwards. I then went out and missed a massive price drop for Alexandra.

Personally, I often bet less as the series goes on as it sometimes becomes harder to read the winner and the evictions have less attractive odds as the oddsmakers finally start to catch on.

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