Saturday 3 January 2009

Not Quite 'One Million Dollars....'

....but a great start all the same. I hope you got on. It was quite funny watching him with the suitcase. You forget how small he actually is.

I have layed back all my 5-1 (and a little 4-1) at 2.46 on Betfair and have a lovely green book to play with.

His price will probably shorten a little further but I suspect others will look to get out soon on him and I wanted to bank the profit now.

No real data available yet to analyse but it looks to be a great house so far.

Time to get them drunk, Big Brother!


  1. Good start matey! Will have my pre-Oscar nomination piece to you by tomorrow. Got some good trends and theories on the go.



  2. Cheers.

    I might go back in on him again. No one else really stands out a the moment.

    I will do something for 100beting tonight tommorrow. I will email the HTML to you when done.