Tuesday 6 January 2009

A Nice Rigged Poll For You

Here is proof that you can't trust certain internet polls. Someone has been having fun.

However, if you take out Tommy Sheridan I suspect it is fairly accurate at the moment.

I am going to leave my Verne bet running (his price came in again as I promised you it would). The question is whether to back Terry properly - I did a little trading on him the other day on Betfair. I am not. He is getting a lot of exposure this week but may fade a little next week. He will probably continue to get good edits though.

Coolio is starting to grate a little so I will avoid him for now. La Toya will rise in the next few days as well.

If she makes the final night Ulrika could be a good bet for Top Female - I don't think this will happen though.

Sit tight with Verne is still my advice.

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