Tuesday 13 January 2009

Dancing On Ice: Early Thoughts

In a guest post on another blog, I picked out Roxanne Pallett and Michael Underwood as good backs as well as Ray as a good back because he will trade lower. Due to the unfortunate circumstances of having a day job, I missed out on the really juicy odds available last week - which was bloody annoying. Ray's price did plunge as expected and I have traded out already with a tidy profit. There is no value in the dwarfish scally at the moment but he came across better than I thought he would - although thinking about it he will make the final and be 1.4-1.5ish at a guess.

Michael Underwood was frankly poor with no improvement and will go soonish, I have taken a smal loss on him already. Roxanne is my main hope at the moment of a big win. I have also included a gratuitous shot for your perusal (my site traffic doubles with pictures like this).

Is there room for Todd and Coleen? For the moment, yes - but this will change. Todd is no John Sergeant in my opinion. Coleen is going to stay a while, the Loose Women will really push it as well. I have her at 36's-44's.

Eviction predictions soon.

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