Friday 31 October 2008

Strictly Come Dancing: Week 7

Here is a list of the dances:

Austin & Erin - Quickstep
Heather & Brian - Cha Cha
Jodie & Ian - Waltz
Andrew and Ola - Samba
Lisa & Brendan - Tango
Cherie & James - Salsa
John & Kristina - Foxtrot
Tom and Camilla - Paso Doble
Christine & Matthew - American Smooth
Rachel & Vincent - Jive

In my opinion, dances to watch are Austin and Rachel. Boylesports 33.5 line on Austin looks a cracking bet at overs. He also looks good for top score, my only proviso would be a Rachel cover bet.

Below is the beginnings of my chart showing all the SCD average dance scores. It is a lot of work, so may take a while to finish. It should give some pointers, especially in the line betting.

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