Wednesday 22 October 2008

Strictly Come Dancing: Andrew Castle to go this week

Today's chart is a chart of the contestants scores in SCD up to now. It admittedly, is not statistically valid but hopefully in few weeks some trends will become apparent regarding who is improving and who isn't. I will add the scores to it weekly and publish it for your delectation.

I think Andrew will go this week, losing to Heather in a dance-off. As you can see, he and Heather are the least popular dancers and I consider him to be the worse of the two. He is also doing the Viennese Waltz which is dull and not a vote winner compared to the Paso Doble the other lesser male dancers are doing. The lovely Ola does not engender much female support, either. Finally, as the graph above shows, he is not improving and is just going backwards.

The list of dances is below:

Paso doble:
Jodie & Ian
Lisa & Brendan
Cherie & James
Christine & Matthew
John & Kristina
Mark & Hayley

Viennese waltz:
Andrew & Ola
Austin & Erin
Rachel & Vincent
Heather & Brian
Tom & Camilla

Remember. Keeeeeeeeeeep betting!

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