Saturday 25 October 2008

Past SCD average score infomation

The following are the average scores over the years for the Paso Doble and the Viennese Waltz:

Paso Doble 27.48 (33 dances, top score 37, bottom score 15)
Viennese Waltz 31.4 (20 dances, top score 38, bottom score 23)

There is a marked difference and this is interesting for our strategy this week. Backing Viennese Waltz dancers for top score would appear to be an area to work on.

Regarding individual contestants scores, Rachel Stevens at 8/11 to score over 31.5 at Boylesports is a fantastic bet given the training footage and the above statistic. This really is a cracker. Laying Christine and Lisa as weekly top score on Betfair should be easy money as well, although the odds are poor at the moment and not yet worth looking at.

Good luck.

PS Rachel Hylton as a back (18-1) to later lay on Betfair should be a profitable move. Big Band week and she is singing Feeling Good. With her style of voice, she should nail it.

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