Monday 27 October 2008

Is Diana's stardust losing it's lustre?

Looking at the graphs above which look at the number of times people search on Google for each X Factor contestant a few things stand out.

Firstly, Diana's search numbers have fallen from the previous week. This could be explained by a perceived poorer performance (which it was), but another reason could be the public losing interest in the songstress. I have picked up on an early negative vibe starting about her (e.g. the weird hand movements) and I think she may drop a little further in the odds as this gathers momentum - expect to see 'I hate Diana' Facebook groups very soon.

JLS seem increasingly popular as well and I am considering betting on them as I think they will drop in price soon.

Does being in the bottom two raise your profile to avoid being there the next week? Ruth's numbers held this week and I am very interested to see how Daniel does next week.

There are two names that people are not interested in and they may be up next. We will see, but I have a sneaky feeling Alexandra and/or Rachel could be bottom two this week.

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