Thursday 14 May 2009

Another TellyBetting Triumph!

I do hope you are following me on this series. I may not have watched a minute of the series but reckon I have nailed it!

That was a very predictable result last night. I am a bit surprised at how Kris has reduced the gap to basically nothing and I make him a narrow favourite now to win the series. The stats showed that this week his numbers have shot off the scale and he is now up there with Adam in the silly numbers area.

I say I am surprised but we have had a run of hot favourites stalling near the end in the last year - Diana Vickers, Mini Me, Andrew Johnston, Austin Healey, Kathreya etc. The public definitely have an attention span/ boredom threshold of only 6-10 weeks before they seek out something new.

I think producers have learned this and like to encourage flip-flops and a more dramatic narrative.

What do with American Idol? Personally, I win big whatever, but I will probably go with 70% of profit in favour of Kris to win by shifting money on Betfair this week. I suggest you do the same - by clicking on the ads on this page, opening an account and betting away!

Good luck.

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