Tuesday 26 May 2009

'I Say Britain, You Say Talent....'

The last seven Britain's Got Talent heats have gone to the person who is last up. The nature of the contest means that being last is a massive advantage.

This does not apply to the final which is over two shows.

My picks?

I finally bowed to pressure and backed Susan Boyle to win. I also have had three longshot side bets with Hollie Evans (massively overpriced), DJ Talent (pictured - he was very funny) and Julian Smith (has the story/drive to win it and you know he will be consistent).

I posted about Jamie Pugh being a contender a few weeks ago but luckily never backed him. He was useless wasn't he?

Analysis of Susan Boyle's popularity is difficult as the whole is still gabbling about her - while not voting for her. I am very confident she will win.

1 comment:

  1. The competition appear to be wiping themselves out. Jamie was certainly a letdown. Flawless and Diversity are very talented indeed (and people aren't shy of voting for dance acts), but with both of them in the final, their vote will no doubt be split.

    Is nobody able to lance the Boyle?