Monday 11 May 2009

Where Will Adam Lambert Finish?

This picture probably says it all. I know last week there was a shock but this is a fairly regular phenomenon in TV betting. People either seem to vote tactically or not at all thinking that this person is a shoe in. Boom - a headline is created.

What then happens if they stay in is usually a large vote boost the following week. Adam Lambert will get this massive vote boost this week, of that I am sure.

He can be backed at 1.36 on Betfair at the moment. Is this a good bet? I don't know but I think Kris Allen is closing fast. These shows are won and lost on the final night so nothing is concrete as yet.

Me? Well, I backed Adam and Kris back in the distant past so I am not too bothered with the final weeks posturing. I am confident of a good payday as I am sure Danny will be first out. Personally, if pushed to say, I also think Adam will win comfortably.

I still haven't watched the show! The experiment is nearly over.

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