Saturday 7 March 2009

Will Coleen Skate?

It appears the market doesn't know yet.

I have some experience with suspected Scaphoid fractures and normally people are put into plaster/a splint for 10 days and then x-rayed again to see if a fracture is present. She may get a MRI scan/Ultrasound to give a quicker answer but it won't be 100%.

Personally, I doubt she will dance tomorrow. The risks of falling on an already fractured scaphoid are very real (Non-Union, Mal-Union, Avascular Necrosis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome etc) - even in a protective splint. It is different gravy to a rib fracture etc and you can bet the shows insurers will be watching carefully.

Bet accordingly and protect yourself on Betfair. There are a few cheeky bets out there. A dutch of Donal, Zoe and Jessica weighted towards the girls looks a good bet, if a small one.

I may be wrong but it could mess up a nice green book and that would be annoying.

EDIT: Coleen is skating tonight.

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