Wednesday 18 March 2009

Time For A Break

Bad news, I'm afraid.

I am really busy at the moment in my work life so I can't maintain the blog as much as I would like to. Something has to give and this blog is it. So I have decided to post less regularly but hopefully better of quality.

I am away this weekend so can't comment on Dancing On Ice. Personally, I have greened up on Betfair and can now relax. I suspect strongly Ray will win though.

I am also keen to keep my ideas to myself more as I am beginning to make real progress in predictive analysis and want as few a people as possible with the same idea.

HOWEVER, I will be back with a bang for Britain's Got Talent and the daddy of them all, Big Brother.

I am also watching American Idol (not the show) closely but there is little value in the market at the moment.

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