Sunday 8 March 2009

Dancing On Ice: My Semi-Final Prediction (and Zoe Salmon In A Bikini)

Firstly, A bit of Zoe Salmon in a swimsuit for the pervs on here:

Anyhow, back to more serious business. My predictions for next week. Skaters scores first:

Ray 4
Jessica 3
Donal 2
Coleen 1

That is the easy bit. Now the public bit:

Donal 4
Coleen 3
Ray 2
Jessica 1

The totals are:

Ray 6
Jessica 4
Donal 6
Coleen 4

Donal is safe next week in my opinion. The bit I am unsure about is the possibility of Jessica overtaking Ray in the public vote which would change things a lot.

Personally, I backed Ray, Donal and Coleen, so I am quids in whatever (Jessica has no chance). I am annoyed I missed the massive odds on Donal but that's life.

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