Wednesday 23 September 2015

CBB Final - James Hill to win

I'm hardly going out on a limb with this one as James Hill is currently 1/3 in the betting, but it seems strange not to state a position on who will win so that's who I'm going to go with. He's played a blinder throughout the series really, and has had the patience of a saint with the likes of Austin, Jenna and Farrah  (who along with former Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace managed to help CBB Bit on the Side get taken off the air last night).

Natasha Hamilton similarly has done herself proud, only 'losing it' when at the end of her tether, she's 4-1. Austin is currently third favourite at 8-1. With all of the drama he's caused and the fact that despite his sometimes hateful outbursts he's not quite as one dimensional as Farrah and Jenna, I can see why he's given an outside chance. That said quite often people like the 'good guy' to win these shows, and I'm not sure that Austin fits the bill as far as that definition goes.

That leaves us with Stevi and Chloe at 40-1, Sherrie Hewson at 100-1 and Bobby Davro at 14-1. Bobby has definitely not done himself any harm, acting with a bit of decency and dignity where others have often failed to. I do think the holier-than-thou aspect to him may have grated with some though and he perhaps hasn't been quite as funny and jokey as we would've hoped. Can you blame him with housemates like this lot though!?!

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Selection: James Hill to win CBB

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