Tuesday 22 September 2015

Celebrity Big Brother: Next Eviction

Currently very short odds for Jenna Jameson to be the first out tomorrow night I see (1/5). I can understand why that is the case as she's adapt at either causing trouble or gossiping, typically as part of a terrible twosome. She certainly hasn't done a lot to get people onside. You could say the same for Austin of course, with his shocking and explosive attack on Janice last night turning off a few former fans. He's definitely gone off the rails towards the end of the series. There is at least though I suppose a sad backstory to his violent mood swings though and the general feeling is that he's rather lost in there. The show attracts or indeed seeks out people like that to star in CBB. Austin is 8-1 to go. Janice is 7/2. They're both 'marmite' type characters to be honest.

If persuaded to go for a more ambitious bet oddswise, I'd go with Bobby to go first at 8-1. He's been perfectly nice for the most part, but there may be a feeling with chaos all around that he's being a bit too holier than thou. The reality is that he's one of the more reasonable and fairminded celebs in the house of course, but does that make great TV? Could Bobby slip between the cracks?

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