Thursday 2 July 2015

Women's World Cup Final : USA vs Japan

Well the England vs Japan match certainly was both engrossing and heartbreaking in equal measure. You couldn't help to feel sorry for the girls, when Laura Bassett's injury time own goal cruelly put England out of the competition. It just seems like the same old story with England doesn't it, finding heart wrenching ways to exit major competitions. The girls did us proud though that's for sure. Millions stayed up into the early hours to watch the game, and they more than gave it their all, out muscling Japan for much of the game.

Despite Japan's less than impressive performance, we still have to take into account that they are undefeated in this competition. While not exactly prolific scorers they find a way to get the job done as they did four years previous when they won the competition. The US similarly are undefeated and to be honest have looks more impressive throughout this tournament. I'm not sure that I see that changing. Current odds for the match-up are Japan (22/5)  Draw (27/10)  United States (11/13) . The odds are a little on the lean side but I'd be tempted to go for the US at these prices.

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