Sunday 5 April 2015

'Leaders Debate' and 'The Voice' Follow Up

Not a bad few results of late. The Voice 2015 final went very much along the lines put forward in our Winning Act Betting Tips post, where we suggested fireman Stevie McCrorie would win. I definitely feel that Stevie McCrorie's backstory aided his victory in a series where the brief nature of the live stages often means that it's hard to draw an affinity to any of the contestants. He did have a sterling voice too though as did the runner up Lucy O'Byrne. did a great job of promoting his act and she and McCrorie are totally different so there was an aspect of 'apple and oranges' about it. It's a shame the BBC won't release voting percentages as I'd love to have seen how close the result was.

Regarding our Leaders Debate Bingo post, it was slightly mixed fortunes. We suggested that Nigel Farage would win the debate, when the actual 'poll of polls' result showed that it was pretty much a three way tie between David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nigel Farage with the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon narrowly behind (though she did win one of the individual polls).

We had more success on the 'bingo' tips, where if a certain phrase is mentioned during the debate, you win. "Hard working families" was said during the debate as was "Tony Blair" which we highlighted at generous odds of 13/2. This bet was a great opportunity because with seven leaders involved they all spoke at a mile a minute in order to make the most of their airtime.

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