Tuesday 22 January 2013

CBB Update

It was certainly a tense Big Brother last night with the whole 'letters from home' saga, which there appears to be a variant of each series. In short Claire Richards (of Steps fame) lost the right to read a letter from her partner and children as a result of Heidi and Spencer refusing to carry out a task set by Big Brother. At this point in the show with the finishing line in sight, they steadfastly refuse to get along with anyone else in the house, and that isn't likely to change. The other housemates then refused to read out their own letters from home in protest at the situation. Heidi and Spencer (Speidi) appear to revel in these events, with Rylan struggling to stay away from profanity filled diatribes. 

Odds wise not a great deal is changing. Rylan's price has drifted in and out a fair bit but is still currently 1.5 . It does appear less stable than it has previously been though, which is the only possible cause for concern. Being the loudest voice in opposition to Heidi and Spencer has won him some fans, but if the online forums are anything to go by, it's also turning some people against him. There would 'almost' be a case for supporting Heidi and Spencer if they played this right (since it's turned into an us vs them situation with the entire house), but the bottom line is that they clearly don't care to impress anyone inside or outside of the house. Tricia Penrose has been subject to the biggest odds shift, now firmly installed as second favourite (4.2), mostly on account that she's quite diplomatic even in the face of all of the madness surrounding her.

It's quite quite a strange series all in all, in that many of the housemates you'd think would be making a big impression have been drowned out to the point where it looks like they just can't wait to go home. The likes of Frankie Dettori and Ryan Moloney just look like they can't wait to get out of the house. It definitely looks like the producers are trying their hardest to set up a Rylan vs Heidi and Spencer top two.

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