Wednesday 23 January 2013

CBB Odds

There is slight shortneing up on Rylan but realistically there isn't a massive amount of movement in the odds. There has been some negative publicity for Rylan with the news that his contract allowed him time outside of the Big Brother house to rehearse for the X Factor tour, but it doesn't appear to have dented his chances. It certainly hasn't been a year where there have been 3 or 4 housemates that people really like. The emphasis on Heidi and Spencer and us vs them atmosphere in the house appears to have drained the life out of several of those taking part.

Of course with Big Brother there are always surprises, so it's worth tuning in to see who wins. It'll be especially amusing if the final two is Speidi vs Rylan. Not long before we find out now. My money would be on Frankie going tonight, and maybe Claire too.

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