Tuesday 16 January 2024

Tomorrow Could Be The Best Gambling Day Of Your Life

I guess we all know it.

Deep in our heart and mind we know it.

If we ask ourselves the question it slowly reveals itself, a seed of imagination which leads to a secret garden.

So many of us are stuck inside an invisible cage. We can’t see the bars. The path ahead is clear. The opportunities unlimited.

A phenomenal day, a step away.

Sadly, we just don’t open that door.

I don’t know why.

Even your pet cat scratches it with curiosity.

Imagine how beautiful the view is from outside.

For so many, we never open that door. We don’t put our ear to it, listening to hear what’s happening on the other side. We don’t dare to kick it open in fear there may be a monster waiting the other side. In truth, the monster is sitting next to us in that comfy chair, both looking ahead without hope.

A beautiful experience left behind.

It’s a good reason to ask ourselves a question: What would the best day of your life look like? Where would you go? What would you do? What would you think? How would you feel? At the end of that day, as you rest in a different comfy chair, you think about your day.

The day is yours. But it’s not given.

Don’t let this day of days slip by. Make it happen. Plan what you want to do because it makes you happy, excites you like never before, and fills your heart with joy and anticipation.

How would my perfect day look?

It would be a beautiful summer’s day.

I’d wake up at the Pier Hotel in Gorleston, the Sunrise Suit. The window open all night listening to the crash of waves. The sweetest smell of honeysuckle fills the room.

Dressed in my new suit, shoes shining like a horse chestnut, Panama hat and dash of after shave from Floris, London. Walking down stairs and entering the breakfast room, I have tea and smoked herrings.

Outside I hear the beep of a car horn. I pick up my Racing Post, pat my pocket full of cash, say ‘thank you’ and walk outside to be greeted by a chauffeur driven white Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III

The journey to the course is slow and meandering. In the distance I see Nelson’s Monument, the smell of the North sea and old leather fills my senses with a comforting quiet. I watch the world go by as people enjoy their day…

I heard an old bloke say: ‘That man looks like he’s having the best day of his life…’

Why don’t you join me?

There’s never been a better day.

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