Tuesday 1 October 2019

How will England do in the 2019 Rugby World Cup?

After a strong showing in this year’s Six Nations tournament, England will be going into the
Rugby World Cup as one of the favourites. They beat Tonga 35-3 in their opening match of
the world cup and they’ll be hoping they can improve on this result in the next few games.
Next up for England are the USA, although they’re not the strongest team in the world, the
Americans will be desperate to scrape a result against the English and will most likely target
this game. England should win this comfortably with a view to resting players before their big
clash against Argentina.

Argentina opened their World Cup campaign with a 23-21 loss to France. They will hope to
play better than they did in this game against Tonga before their match against England.
After the Argentine challenge, England will have to play against the unpredictable France.
France will have to be playing on top form if they are to trouble England, however, anything
can happen in rugby and don’t be surprised if France scrape a result here.

If England qualify for the knockout stages, they will play either Australia, Fiji or bitter rivals
Wales. If England top their group, they will play the runners up of group D which largely
depends on the winner of Australia v Wales on the 29th of September. Fiji could throw a
spanner in the works if they manage to beat Wales, however, after losing to Uruguay they
look a much weaker side than the one who beat the Welsh in the 2007 World Cup. If
England make it to the semi-finals, they’ll have to face a world-class team most likely either
New Zealand or South Africa.

If England are to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup, they’ll have to beat the best teams in the
world such as Wales, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. They’ll have a difficult few
matches in the knockout stages, however, if they play to the best of their abilities, they’ll be a
very difficult team to stop

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