Thursday 1 November 2018

Big Brother 2018 Winner

The news that this would be the last ever Big Brother (though who knows if that's really the case) added a certain poignancy for fans of the series. Love it or loathe it, Big Brother was the first big reality TV show to catch the imagination of the public in a huge way and was a fascinating social experiment to boot.

This season (Big Brother 19) got off to an decent start and although ratings were certainly nothing to write home about, some intriguing dynamics emerged within the house. Lewis being there for Cameron when he came out, the 'bigcoin' bidding aspect to the series, the game changer, mixing it up with new housemates Hussain and Isabella. I'd say that the mix and happenings within the house definitely kept the attention of fans until the 'final furlong' to apply a racing term to proceedings.

Once the disruptive and egocentric yet affable Hussain was voted out, it very much become the Lewis show. He has a slight cult leader quality about him, and is a rather complex person in terms of Big Brother personalities. Since he was at the centre of eveything, and indeed was favourite with bookmakers to win Big Brother, it threw a massive spanner in the works when he was recently removed for what have been stated were antisemitic comments. It appears that what was said was actually intended to be a joke and impression, so it was likely foolishness as much as anything else and an unfortunate episode for all concerned.

The consequence of his removal so late in the day is that it seems rather like the air was been let out of the balloon now. There are very few (if any) strong personalities left in the house, with individuals like Zoe, Brooke and Sian needing something approaching a miracle to win the top prize of £100,000. Cian is perhaps the most deserving of the bunch in that he tries to see the good in everything and everyone come what may. He's 14-1 to win (5th Nov edit: He's since shorted to 7/2 with Akeem losing support in the betting market).

This will likely be seen by many to be a two horse race though, with Akeem currently at 11/8 and Cameron 4/5.  I'd say that Cameron certainly has the  best story arc, which can definitely count for something in these shows. He's a moody one, but at least we can say he's being himself. Akeem is Mr Middle of the road. He comes across like he's doing what he needs to do to cruise the top prize. That said he is a friendly guy and has certainly rolled with the punches when he's been treated unfairly on occasion by other housemates. It's a coin toss one to be honest, and out of the two I think I'd go for Cameron to win.

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