Wednesday 6 April 2016

The Voice 2016 Winner

It's a funny show The Voice, in many ways it's more watachable and considerate of those taking part than the 'Christians to the Lions' nature of the XFactor. So it has that going for it.On the down side though, it seems that people are more into the format than the contestants, based on the fact that after the chair turning rounds are over the ratings take a nose dive each and every year. This point is compounded by the fact that everyone and their nan manages to forget who won the previous year's show and so far it hasn't managed to launch a successful career for anyone taking part.

Taking all of that into account, being that someone with a degree of recognition has made it to the grand final public vote (Kevin Simms, of Liberty X) that has to be a big plus. They were big in their day and there's still a 'why did they split up?' quality about them, so I suspect they still have a bit of a following on the quiet. Sims is currently 11/10 to win the show. Song choice will likely factor in but unless Ricky Wilson really messes up with that I don't think he's a bad bet. No-one is huge odds and I wouldn't say that there's a big value bet to be had elsewhere (Jolan: 5/2 , Cody Frost  7/2, Lydia Lucy 7-1) so Simms it is!

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