Sunday 1 November 2020

The Melbourne Cup is Just Days Away


When the most prestigious races around the world come to mind, which ones first spring to mind for you. If you're in the UK the answer to that may well be the Grand National or possibly Cheltenham Gold Cup, in the United Stated the Kentucky Derby or Belmont Stakes, and if in France we'd surely opt for the group one Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe . Where the country in question is Australia though, we would of course say none other than the Melbourne Cup, held each year at the Flemmington Park race course in Melbourne, Victoria. This 2 miler, first run way back in 1861 is the jewel in the crown of Australian horse racing and has top tier prize money on offer with a massive purse of A$8,000,000 in 2020. The race takes place on Novemeber 3rd and racing fans all around the world will be primed to see who comes out of top in this captivating affair.

The Melbourne Cup has build its stellar reputation over decades, culminating in many moments that fans of the sport will no doubt be familiar with. In fact, such is the gravitas of the occasion that it's a public holiday in metropolitan Melbourne and some parts of Victoria. And let's not forget that moments make a n event what it is. Even in its recent history, who can forget 2012 when the first seven finishers were all bred in Ireland (and of course one or two of this years potential winners could well be too!), 2015 when Michelle Payne became the first female jockey to win the race or 2017 when Rekindling was the first three year old to win the Melbroune Cup since the 40s.

So with generous prize money, a place in the history books on offer, and reputations on the line who are the main contenders in with a shot on the day? Well currently heading the field is 5-1 shot Tiger Moth. He's followed by a bunched up group that includes Verry Elleegant, Surprise Baby, Anthony Van Dyk and Sir Dragonet amongst others. It's one of those prestigious races where everyone has their own unique take or method of picking a winner. Some opt for office sweepstakes (or choosing by name alone!), others a fun bet or two, and of course more serious punters will also enviably be having a look in. The unknowns only add to the excitement, and the 2020 Melbourne Cup should be a thrilling encounter of top quality racing.

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