Thursday 25 July 2019

Funny Horse Names

Casual racing fans seem to love the idea that they can have a day at the races, hastily scan the race card of that day's issue of the Racing Post and, like a water diviner, instantly locate a couple of 50-1 winners by name alone.

There is a quiet confidence there, totally unearned of course, but it's there. Sometimes people strike lucky and think that by betting on Betty's Boxset, their deceased old aunt Bet and her love of Last of the Summer Wine DVDs are helping their horse strive for the finish line. Other times they lose and then the endless hard luck stories emerge.

When it comes to horse racing, it's not just punters that look to a name though. Horse owners often put a lot of thought into naming their horses Well, I say thought - some of them take a more humour based or mischievous slant to proceedings. In part hey do this for their own personal amusement, but also, there's the thrill of a commentator enthusiastically reeling off nonsensible or funny horse racing names with no choice in he matter. Anyway, enough of me babbling on, here's a list of real and 'real funny' horse racing names:

Neigh Good

Fur Calf

Wear The Fox Hat

(read those three in an Irish accent!) 

Flat Fleet Feet



Hugh Janus

Hoof Hearted



Horsey McHorseFace

Ha Ha Ha

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