Saturday 1 December 2018

Best Odds Casino Games

The entertaining and highly rewarding nature of casino games has continuously managed to spark interest in new and more massive player traffic. This has become all the more evident with the appearance of online casino platforms, especially due to their convenient accessibility via diverse electronic devices – PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and the likes.

If you follow this url you’ll notice that every game differs in terms of gameplay elements, stake limits and, most importantly payouts. While every game at a casino floor is developed in a way that the house edge guarantees profit for the operator, there are those that offer players better chances of winning than others.

House edge is expressed in percentages, and practically represents the guaranteed profit a casino operator makes out of each stake you place at the respective game – the higher the house edge, the lesser the chance for players to hit a win. Return to player percentage, on the other hand, indicates the amount players are theoretically expected to win back, with higher percentages guarantying higher returns. Ultimately, novice casino players are advised to start off their experience with one of the following games, offering the best odds, and thus, highest winnings.


Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at the casino floor, both for its simple yet fun gameplay, and the odds that come with it. Many people enjoy playing the best online blackjack for money. Unlike poker, which is still first place when it comes to player appeal, blackjack players are only up against the dealer and don’t have to worry about competition coming from the rest of the players at the table.

All players need to do is hit a hand higher than the dealer’s without going over 21. Considering that most blackjack variants offer a 99% RTP, this is bound to happen fairly often and reward players with the appropriate payouts.


The roulette tables at a casino floor have always been a symbol of commotion and excitement, as players tend to gather around, place bets and wait to see where the ball will drop. Novice players are advised to do the same in order to experience the roulette gameplay and at the same time stake their hard-earned cash at one of the games with the best odds.

Namely, roulette offers players about a 50-50 chance of winning, although this is slightly reduced by the field ‘0’ in European Roulette, and a bit more in American Roulette, as the wheel contains a ‘0’ and ‘00’.


Nevertheless, players looking for the core of the casino floor fun and rewarding experience should head to the craps tables. The betting table offers many different ways to place a bet, but don’t let that confuse you – novice players are advised to stick to the simpler bets such as the odds bet, pass/don’t pass, come or don’t come.

These bets offer as high as 99% RTP, which is why players are advised to bet as high as possible to make the most of the game’s rewarding potential.

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